Ladina Switzerland

The Swiss family Weber has been dedicated to craftsmanship ever since the 19th Century. One generation after the other built on previous expertise and kept the commitment to first class handwork. Klemenz Johann Weber is documented since 1871. I feel strongly obliged to continue this tradition! 30 years of experience in processing exclusive high grade metals put me in a unique position to design and manufacture a premium cookware of the highest quality. It is with my utmost pleasure that I present to you my personal luxury cookware line LADINA®.

Principles of the Company

All LADINA® products base upon the three principles premium quality, elegance and convenience.

Premium Quality

For our cookware we employ a five-ply-material made in Switzerland, currently the best available worldwide. An unique alloy allows cooking in stainless steel without sticking. Swiss engineering and our experience of more than three decades ensure supreme precision. This includes tightly fitting handles that guarantee highest hygienic standards.


Optimal ergonomics and elegance determine the design of our cookware. All products come in luxurious and convenient cases that also make appealing gift packaging.


We design all of our products to ensure living up to the highest ergonomic standards. We also contribute to environmental and resource protection by making long-lasting products that allow saving energy. The high-value materials we use guarantee optimal heat distribution. This allows our cookware to not only heat up very swiftly but also to keep food warm for up to one hour when covered.


Our family seal guarantees highest quality.

05Swiss Label Certificate

We are proud member of SWISS LABEL.

The SWISS LABEL association, whose striking trademark is the crossbow, has committed itself to the promotion of Swiss products and services. Its mission is the competent, judicious and ongoing support of Swiss brands and labels. The SWISS LABEL trademark may only be used for products that have either been manufactured entirely in Switzerland or have been processed here.

06Instruction on use of cookware and warranty

The surface of LADINA cookware consists of stainless steel 18/10 which is easy to clean and longliving. The cookware is suitable for all types of stoves: ceramic, induction, electric or gas. The metal fittings of the LADINA swiss luxury line are plated with authentic 24 k gold. Following the tips of the Instructions of use guarantees long-lasting joy in using the product.

We offer a warranty of 25 years on all our products in the event of proven faulty material or poor workmanship. The warranty does not include damage due to overheating, grime, scratches, discoloration, normal wear and tear, drop damage, inappropriate cleaning and corrosion due to faulty application of food.

Helpful Tips

Frying without non-stick coating

To ensure that your food never sticks to the bottom of the wok or the sauté pan, please proceed as follows before using the wok the first time and after cleaning it with a detergent:

  1. Heat up the empty pan on high heat for max. 2 minutes.
  2. To test the heat, add some drops of water. These must sizzle and pearl. If they do so, wait until the have evaporated.
  3. Reduce the heat to the half.
  4. Add few oil suited for high temperatures (as for example grape seed oil). Wait until the oil is so hot that it lightly fumes. Sway the pan carefully to and frow to make the oil cover its complete inner surface.
  5. Now your pan is ready, nothing will stick. Add your favourite frying fat (oil, butter, lard, etc.) and proceed to sear the food on all sides.

What to do when the lid sticks?

LADINA cookware lids fit very tightly. Therefore it may happen that after cooking the cooling will create a vacuum. If this happens the lid will not budge. To lift the lid,
– just return the pot to the stove,
– reheat briefly (low or medium heat) and
– after a few seconds the lid will come off easily.

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