JING is the tea of choice for the world’s best chefs – celebrating over 100 Michelin stars between them – delivering the world’s most exceptional and authentic teas to fine dining establishments, 5* hotels, and tea connoisseurs across four continents.

The Tea of Choice

Inspired by Asia’s great, ancient tea culture, our teas are the finest quality expressions of authentic provenance, outstanding skill, and exceptional taste. Teas that reflect the local terroir & production methods refined by masters over millennia. We do not blend from multiple origins, but source extensively to find the very best taste of a place.


We bring you teas with character, with true flavour, made by masters to reflect the taste of their origin. We prioritise freshness, so that our teas arrive with you as they left the garden – bursting with flavour.


We do not blend from multiple origins, where the integrity of the origin is lost. A tea should taste of its place and its people – the local terroir, passion and production methods refined over millennia.


Our process is highly selective – we taste thousands of samples each year and select only a very few. We can say with absolute confidence that these are the best teas of their type, at their price.

Our Mission: Inspiring the world to enjoy tea at its best

We believe in tea that is as delicious as it is uplifting to the spirit. It’s not just a drink – it’s an experience.

Inspired by Asia’s great tea cultures – we don’t just sell the world’s finest tea leaves, we show you how to get the best from them, through our expertise, tea ware and accessories.

Meet The Founder

“It was a visit to a tea house in Prague, when I was 15 that first opened my eyes to the world of tea beyond the shores of the UK. After school I travelled to China and discovered an ancient tea culture, alive and well. I was fascinated by the quality of the tea production, the dedication to terroir and the approach to tea-drinking which strove to get the best out of the amazing tea leaves. The ceremonies, the traditions, and the knowledge and skill of the tea farmers I met were a revelation. I was hooked. I wanted to share all this with tea drinkers who hadn’t had my good fortune.”

Edward Eisler
JING Founder

After completing a degree in Chinese medicine and many more trips to Asia, Edward founded JING in 2004 to inspire the world to enjoy tea at its best. In the company’s early years Edward forged relationships with the most discerning and celebrated chefs and restaurants including Heston Blumenthal and Joel Robuchon. Today JING is the tea brand of choice for the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, airlines and retailers.

Edward is considered a pioneer in finding and sharing rare and precious teas previously hidden to the world, and transforming traditional approaches to tea making to suit a modern audience.