Caviaroli is a young, daily-run company that has brought all their entrepreneurs technological capacities together to create a range of exclusive food products. The team’s commitment to innovation and quality has led to its first range of products: olive oil caviar, under the same brand itself – Caviaroli.

 Caviaroli products are founded on solid communication between all parties involved in their production, marketing and use. Close relationships with exceptional olive oil producers, encouraging feedback from committed distributors and responding to the demands of the most renowned chefs is therefore essential. Caviaroli end-users and their diners are, therefore, able to enjoy products created with top-quality olive oils, providing a wide range of culinary possibilities for avant-garde cuisine.

History of Caviaroli

Caviaroli is a family-run business founded in 2011, but its origins in the field of innovation and engineering date back to the 1960s when the founders’ father and grandfather designed his first washing machine under the DAINA brand. After the washing machine, the founders moved on to the world of construction with the first mobile cement mixer for building work. Almost 40 years later, one of his sons and one of his grandchildren followed in his footsteps, after over two and half years of work designing the technology to encapsulate the oil.

This is a real milestone as, up to now, it was impossible to make spheres of oil of an acceptable quality without chemical or heat treatment. They developed the technology to industrialise the process of producing oil spheres for use in the gastronomy, committing above all to product quality and keeping it natural. Not long afterwards, they founded Caviaroli with the rest of the family. From that moment on, they began to offer their product to chefs including Ferran Adria of the restaurant El Bulli who was their first client, Paco Perez, Nando Jubany or Quique Da Costa. Today, over 4 years later, Caviaroli products have a presence in more than 14 countries with the same spirit and philosophy as always: that providing something new, high quality and surprising their clients. Swiss Taste is proud to have been appointed the sole distributor of Caviaroli in South Africa.

The Product

Encapsulated Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Caviaroli is a taste explosion that absorbs the intensity and aroma found in top-quality olive oils with protected designation of orgins. This sia achieved through encapsulation technology, creating pearls of olive oil that have the same texture as caviar. Caviaroli melts in the mouth, allowing diners to enjoy a delicate serving of pure olive oil before it blends before it blends in with the dish’s other ingredients. Caviaroli’s tone depends on the source material used, which leaves its mark on each of the varieties.

Product use

Caviaroli can be used anywhere oil would normally be used. Works well with all kinds of dishes, hot and cold. Resists temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius , so it can be used in soups and hot creams. Cooking with it is not recommended: exposure to hot surfaces breaks the lining of the pearl.

Conservation of product

Store between 10 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry place and away from sources of heat, light and strong odours. Once opened, keep covered in its own oil and store refrigerated. Avoid freezing. Before use, turn the jar over a few times to release the aroma. Once opened, it should be consumed within 4 weeks.

Product Flavours

Arbequina Encapsulated Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Caviaroli made with Abrequina oil comes from a single variety of olives. It stands out due to its more yellow colour and its fruity, delicate flavour. Fruitier aroma with floral notes. Ideal use: Chocolate, Salmon, Soups, Salads, Truffle scented anchovies

Olive Oil & Basil

The base oil for Basil Caviaroli is made by pressing olives with fresh basil. The result is an oil with a strong aroma and flavour of basil. This process  makes Basil Caviaroli ideal for all kinds of summer and Italian-inspired dishes. Ideal use: Pasta, Mozzarella, Tomato

Olive Oil & Chili

The base for Chilli Caviaroli is made by pressing olives with fresh chilis. The result is an intensely red oil with a very interesting spicy aftertaste that is not aggressive. Ideal for adding a controlled spicy touch to any dish and a surprising dash of colour. Ideal use: Seafood, Chocolate, Avocado

Olive Oil & Rosemary

Tease oil for Rosemary Caviaroli is made by pressing olives with fresh rosemary. The result is an oil with an intense aroma of rosemary and a soft yellow colour. It adds a hint of herbs which makes it ideal for accompanying any kind of meat, especially venison, lamb & pork. Ideal use: Parma or Serrano Ham & melon, Blue cheese & onion dip, Tomato & Mozzarella bruschetta, Hot Soups, Cheeses

Olive Oil & White Truffle

Caviaroli with natural aroma of White Truffle has a mild flavour with an intense aroma of white truffle. This makes it idea for any kind of dish that you would like to add a touch of truffle to such as eggs, cheeses, and all kinds of mushrooms. Ideal uses: Creamy scrambled eggs, Sautéed Mushrooms, Potato fritters, Classic dried fruit & nut dessert with honey & Matao cheese.

Olive Oil & Sesame

Sesame Caviaroli has a base of black sesame oil made from seeds that have been slightly toasted to bring out their characteristic aroma and flavour. The dark inspired colour, aroma and flavour make it unmistakeable and ideal for all kinds of Asian inspired dishes, especially sautéed vegetables & tuna. It is worth mentioning that it goes very well with sweet & smoky flavours. Ideal uses: White Chocolate, Tartar, Sushi, Salmon Tartar with lime mayonnaise, Feta, Orange & dried olives, Grilled Halloumi cheese with Melon & Watermelon, Snow Pea, Celery, Pea and fennel wok stir fry.