About Us

Louise & Simon Lavarack are the Founders & Owners of Swiss Taste and Carmen Valentine SA in Switzerland. Cooking has been our passion for many years. We love to cook, spending hours in the kitchen making & creating traditional Swiss, Italian & Mediterranean recipes, using authentic, fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch. We are very excited too by the new South African food culture which is gaining worldwide acclaim. Louise likes to experiment with different tastes and textures to create her own personal recipes & twists on traditional recipes.. However, we try to remain faithful to the authentic Swiss and Mediterranean traditions, flavours, and ingredients. Louise believes that food should not only be nourishing but should be comforting, loving, pleasurable and fun to cook.

For both lovers of Swiss & Mediterranean food and the merely curious, Swiss Taste will offer fun and informal Online cooking lessons about Swiss, Italian, Mediterranean & South African cuisine and culture. After visiting Piero and Maria Rondolino at their beautiful farm “Tenuta Colombara” in Piedmont, we have become so passionate about their Carnaroli rice – Acquerello.